Annual Appeal

We are in awe and admiration for the extraordinary work our staff does to assist low-income families in keeping a roof over their homes. Through a patchwork quilt of layered funding, our remarkable PathStone team packages the resources required to rehabilitate homes that have fallen into significant disrepair. Our participants, who live on less than sufficient incomes, do not have the resources to replace a leaky roof, rebuild a septic system, repair broken plumbing, or remediate mold and rodent infestation. 

As we drive through our city and countryside, we divert our eyes toward homes that have fallen into disrepair. We question why someone isn’t doing anything to improve the community. Sadly, people live in those conditions because they do not have the resources to move or the capacity to take out home improvement loans and hire contractors. Cynthia and Vicky’s homes are two of the dozens of homes renovated by our expert staff and contractors each year. Each “rehab project” requires coordination and partnership with multiple funding sources, including state and local government, philanthropic foundations, and donations from community organizations and individuals like you.

Vicki was so happy to finally move into a home she could call her own. Unfortunately, this happy moment turned into a nightmare when she learned the septic system was broken. This incident began a series of events that almost led to her eviction from the community. Sewage was seeping into the lawn and street, leaving a foul odor throughout the neighborhood. Not long after, a branch fell on the home damaging the roof and siding. Through PathStone’s services, Vicky could have her septic system replaced and her home rehabilitated. “I am, for the first time in years able to have my grandchildren spend the night because I’m no longer worried about mold and dangerous holes in my floor. They even have their own bedroom.”

Cynthia’s roof was damaged when a tree branch fell on her home. She was devastated to learn that her homeowners’ insurance would not cover the damage. Water poured into her home when it rained, increasing the damage and creating the perfect environment for mold and raccoons. Through partnerships and programs at PathStone, Cynthia had her roof replaced, the mold removed, and her ventilation system upgraded. “It rained the other night. I jumped out of bed and yelled to my family, grab the buckets and towels. The roof is about to leak. As I woke up from this nightmare, I realized I have a brand-new roof and will never have to worry about rain invading my home again.”

We respectfully request that you make a generous donation to our PathStone Foundation. With your support, we will continue to meet people where they are with encouragement and practical, hands-on support that creates life-changing opportunities. Please help us transform the lives of those in our community today who need a boost, a helping hand, encouragement, and respect.